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Performance is queen

MyNV is a family-run Bristol-based company that is on a mission to make beautiful, high-performance sportswear for women. 

We believe there is beauty in strength. Both functional and flattering, our kit is made to last, and give you the confidence to achieve your fitness and wellness goals.

We work with female British talent to design exceptional women’s sportswear that is fit for purpose and ethically made.

We avoid chasing fashion. Instead, we combine classic style with high-quality fabrics that support and flatter you, whatever your workout.

MyNV. Reclaim your remarkable.

The Founders / MyNV Sportswear


Model | High Impact Sports Bra, High Waisted Leggings, Blue / Black | MyNV
Fit to go

Our focus on fit means you get sportswear that works with your shape and your lifestyle. In the gym, yoga studio or café, our clothing will give you the support you need, and a fit that flatters.

Supersoft Workout Vest, Pink | MyNV Sportswear
Discipline of detail

We know the finer touches count: the stretch of the fabric, the power of the print, the adjustable features that give the perfect fit. Our range of women’s sportswear has been designed seam by seam, to help you achieve your fitness goals with confidence and style.

Model | High Impact Sports Bra and High Waisted Leggings Grey/Black | MyNV Sportswear
Reliability-tested by you

Our sportswear is co-designed with women like you, who collaborate with us throughout the design and development of our range. Testing and retesting, they make sure our garments stay strong, rep after rep, wash after wash.

Sewing Machine | MyNV Sportswear | Ethics

MyNV believes sustainability starts at the drawing board. Our obsession with detail ensures that nothing needs to be added or taken away. And our carefully edited collections keep production runs small, and waste to a minimum.

We keep environmental impact in mind for all our products and packaging, which is why we use a high proportion of recycled fabrics in our clothing.

Of course, people are part of the process too. We aim to have a positive impact on all the people we work with, and only partner with companies that share our values.  Our manufacturers provide fair wages and good working conditions for all their employees.